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Race Reports & Photos 2009


Zalaegerszeg, Thursday 31 December 2009

MMM Zalaegerszeg 2009, Veronika Görög (103) and Szilvia Lubics (118)

Veronika Görög (left) and Szilvia Lubics fought for the last marathon title of the year.

Lost and found

Savudrija - Novigrad, 20 December 2009

Ultra promo Marathon, Istria, Piran Bay

Chaos reigned on the Istrian peninsula in the northern Adriatic.

Small country, big numbers

Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sunday 25 October 2009

14th Ljubljana Marathon: Iaroslav Musinschi (Photo: Copyright © 2009 Hendrik Böttger /

Rumble in the jungle

Tacen (Slovenia), Saturday 3 October 2009

30th Šmarna Gora Mountain Race 2009: Gilbert Mat and Andrea Mayr

Is there a better prize than chocolate?

Lipnica near Kropa, 20 September 2009

Tek na Vodiško planino 2009 - young athletes

Sachertorte at altitude

Sexten (Sesto), 13 September 2009

Drei Zinnen Alpin Lauf - the final kilometre

Down and up and down and up and so on and so forth

Radatovići - Sošice (Croatia), 5 September 2009

Tamás Oláh and Réka Bátai, the winners of the Žumberačka utrka 2009 (Photo: Copyright © 2009 Hendrik Böttger /

Schmaltz sandwiches and folk music

Jelendol (Slovenia), 23 August 2009

Tek po Dovžanovi soteski, Jelendol, Slovenia (Copyright © 2009 Hendrik Böttger /

Runners of all ages raced along a disused railway track in the Alps.

Družbinec (Croatia), 12 July 2009

Some did it for ice-cream, others for cakes.

World-class and fun

Szombathely (Hungary), 11 July 2009

Charles, a Roman from Savaria (Copyright © 2009 Hendrik Böttger /

Charles, a Roman from Savaria which is nowadays better known as Szombathely