Trieste (Italy), 3 May 2009

Nadir Sabino de Siqueira after winning the Maratona d'Europe in Trieste

Nadir Sabino de Siqueira of Brasil, winner of the Maratona d'Europa 2009 in Trieste, has shown that she is also a great marathon runner.


The friendly 39-year-old of the Rede Atletismo team has so far been a 10,000-metre track specialist with a personal best time of 33 minutes 53 seconds. She was Brasilian 10,000m Champion in 2002 and finished third in this year's Brasilian Championships in 34:29, just one week before the marathon in Trieste. She is also a successful 10k road runner and half marathoner.


R.I.: Nadir Sabino, well done. What a trophy - it's almost as tall as you!

Nadir Sabino: Oh, no! At home I have one that is much taller than me.


R.I.: Did you like the course?

Nadir Sabino: I found the hills in the middle of the race very difficult. I was on my own, and I got some pain in my hamstring and struggled with that for the rest of the race.


R.I.: You ran 2:47:02 on a course which is not easy - a very good time. Is that your personal best?

Nadir Sabino: Yes, it is. This was just my second marathon, and I didn't finish the first one.


R.I.: How did you prepare for the marathon?

Nadir Sabino: I was in Paipa in Colombia for one month of altitude training. But I did just two long runs of 2.30 hours.


R.I.: Can you give us an idea of your track training, for example a typical interval session?

Nadir Sabino: Well, of course that depends on many factors, and it varies very much. But in the training camp at altitude, to give an example, I did 24 times 400 metres in 80 seconds, with 3 minute breaks.


R.I.: Will we see you again in Central Europe?

Nadir Sabino: Of course! But I don't know yet when and where.


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