Monteforte d'Alpone (Italy), Sunday 22 January 2012

Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Hosea Kisorio leads the field (Copyright © 2012


Kinde Atanau of Ethiopia and two-time Italian marathon champion Ivana Iozzia are the winners of the 31st Montefortiana Turà 2012, held in the village of Monteforte d'Alpone in the Province of Verona in northern Italy.

Seventeen men and twelve women took part in the races, which are open to elite runners only. There were many spectators, however, as the races formed part of the hugely popular Montefortiana.

Over 20,000 had come to the village to run a marathon or a half marathon, or to take part in a walking tour through the vineyards. More than 800 volunteers helped with the organization of the event.

The Turà races (named after a locally produced wine) were held on an undulating 1.5km loop course. Men ran seven laps (10.6km), and women ran four laps (6.06km).

The men's race saw a strong field of East African and Italian athletes. Mr Atanau put on a dominant performance to win the race with a comfortable margin of 19 seconds. He completed the course in a time of 30 minutes 23 seconds (2:52min/km).

The women's race was a much closer affair with three ladies in contention for first place. Ms Iozzia celebrated victory in a time of 20 minutes 57 seconds (3:45min/km).


Results - 31. Montefortiana Turà 2012

Men: 17 finishers

1. Kinde Atanau ETH 0:30:23
2. Mekashaw Eshete ETH 0:30:42
3. Hosea Kisorio KEN 0:31:29


Women: 12 finishers

1. Ivana Iozzia ITA 0:20:57
2. Michela Zanatta ITA 0:20:59
3. Silvia Casella ITA 0:21:02


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Kinde Atanau and Mekashaw Eshete (Copyright © 2012

Race winner Kinde Atanau (left) and runner-up Mekashaw Eshete.


Ivana Iozzia leads Michela Zanatta (Copyright © 2012

Ivana Iozzia (1st place) leads Michela Zanatta (2nd place).


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Mark Bett of Kenya (Copyright © 2012

Mark Bett of Kenya (4th place)


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Sonia Lopes (Copyright © 2012

Sonia Lopes (4th place)


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Simone Gariboldi and Michele Palamini (Copyright © 2012

Simone Gariboldi ("Polizia") finished on 5th place, Michele Palamini (right) on 6th.


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Boniface Bii (Copyright © 2012

Boniface Bii of Kenya (7th place)


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Paola Gariboldi (Copyright © 2012

Paola Gariboldi (7th place)


Montefortiana Turà 2012 - Kinde Atanau (Copyright © 2012

On the sixth of seven laps, Kinde Atanau looks very fresh and confident.


Montefortiana Turà, Monteforte d'Alpone, Italy (Copyright © 2012

Spectators lined the course in the centre of the village.


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