Monteforte d'Alpone (Italy), Sunday 23 January 2011

Montefortiana Tura' 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Paul Sugut (6) leads the field.


Paul Sugut of Kenya and Asmae Ghizlane of Morocco are the winners of the 2011 edition of the Montefortiana Turà, which concluded the Montefortiana running and walking festival with over 20,000 participants.

The event took place in the village of Monteforte d'Alpone, situated in the very pretty Soave wine-growing region between Verona and Vicenza in northern Italy.

Named after a sparkling red wine which is produced in the area, the Montefortiana Turà consists of two road races for elite athletes. The route is an undulating 1.5k-loop-course through the village. Women run 6,060 metres (four laps), and men run 10,605 metres (seven laps).

In the men's race, Italy's top marathon runner Denis Curzi was the only European runner who did not drop off the leading group of five African athletes. At the end, he had to be content with 6th place, however, just 9 seconds behind the winner Paul Sugut, who had controlled the race from the start and then proved the strongest in the sprint finish.

The women's race, in contrast, was decided much earlier. Asmae Ghizlane ran beautifully smoothly from start to finish and won by a comfortable margin.


Results Montefortiana Turà 2011

Men 10.605km (22 finishers)

1. Paul Kipchumba Sugut KEN 0:31:27
2. Wilson Kipkemei Busienei UGA 0:31:28
3. Edward Kiptanui Too KEN 0:31:28
4. Eric Sebahire RWA 0:31:29
5. Rachid Jarmouni MAR 0:31:32


Women 6.06km (20 finishers)

1. Asmae Ghizlane MAR 0:20:08
2. Stefania Benedetti ITA 0:20:42
3. Sonia Lopes CPV 0:21:12
4. Chiara Lionzo ITA 0:21:31
5. Fiorenza Pierli ITA 0:21:48


Montefortiana Tura' 2011, start/finish area (Copyright © 2011

The men ran seven laps around Monteforte d'Alpone.


Asmae Ghizlane, 1st woman Montefortiana Tura' 2011 (Copyright © 2009-2010

Asmae Ghizlane of Morocco, winner of the Montefortiana Turà 2011


Stefania Benedetti, 2nd woman Montefortiana Tura' 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Stefania Benedetti of Italy, 2nd place


Sonia Lopes, Montefortiana Tura' (Copyright © 2011

Sonia Lopes of Cape Verde, 3rd place


Montefortiana Turà 2011, leading group (Copyright © 2011

Denis Curzi (2), Paul Sugut (6) and Rachid Jarmouni (10)


Renato Tosi and Gerd Frick, Montefortiana Tura' 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Renato Tosi (left) and Gerd Frick


Montefortiana Tura' 2011, men's chasing pack (Copyright © 2011

Asmae Ghizlane at the back of the men's chasing group


Montefortiana Tura', the top 6 men (Copyright © 2011

The top 6 men in the final lap


Race report and photos 2012: Ecomaratona, Montefortiana Turà

Race report and photos 2011: Montefortiana


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