Paluzza (Italy), Sunday 5 June 2011

Lavinia Garibaldi, winner Skyrace Carnia 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Lavinia Garibaldi cruises to her first win in Carnia


Mikhail Mamleev and Lavinia Garibaldi beat a strong field of trail runners to win the Skyrace Carnia, a highly challenging mountain running race in the Carnic Alps on the Italy-Austria border (-> Map).

Russian-born orienteering and trail runner Mamleev, who speaks fluently Italian and South Tyrolean, was surprised to win after skyrunning specialist Paolo Larger had been in the lead for most of the race. Larger, however, took a wrong turn on the second half of the course to end up on sixth place.

Alessandro Morassi came second, just 25 seconds behind the winner, after 24 kilometres of trail running over a beautiful but very tough course with 2000 metres of climbing and 2000 metres of descent. On Pal Piccolo, the second mountain on the route, competitors climbed up ladders before they ran through World War One trenches and fortifications!

On the women's side, last year's runner-up Lavinia Garibaldi passed defending champion Paola Romanin on the second half of the course to win the race by 79 seconds.

Over 200 runners had registered for the event but 50 runners did not start or finish the race because of the changeable weather. Overall, there were 140 finishers in the 24km main race and 22 finishers in the 19km run, which feautures a slightly easier route.


Skyrace Carnia 2011 - Alessandro Morassi, Mikhail Mamleev, Claudio Bettega (Copyright © 2011

The top 3 men (from left): Alessandro Morassi, Mikhail Mamleev and Claudio Bettega


Results Skyrace Carnia 2011

Men 24km:

1. Mikhail Mamleev ITA 2:42:00
2. Alessandro Morassi ITA 2:42:25
3. Claudio Bettega ITA 2:45:25


Women 24km:

1. Lavinia Garibaldi ITA 3:19:57
2. Paola Romanin ITA 3:21:16
3. Jennifer Senik ITA 3:24:16

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Skyrace Carnia 2011 - the final descent (Copyright © 2011

After heavy showers in the first half of the race runners enjoyed fine weather ...


Skyrace Carnia 2011, the descent from Pal Piccolo (Copyright © 2011

... on the descent from Pal Piccolo.


Skyrace Carnia 2011, route over rocky terrain (Copyright © 2011

Participants ran over rocky and slippery terrain ...


Skyrace Carnia 2011, fun in the forest (Copyright © 2011

... which featured many stiff climbs.


Skyrace Carnia 2011, on the Passo di Monte Croce Carnico road (Copyright © 2011

Finally, runners crossed the mountain pass road to the 'Passo di Monte Croce Carnico' ...


Skyrace Carnia 2011, at the Laghetti di Timau (Copyright © 2011

... and ran a lap of honour around a small lake ...


Skyrace Carnia 2011, the finishing straight (Copyright © 2011

... to celebrate victory in Timau.


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