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Ljubljana Marathon, Slovenia - runners on Dunajska cesta (Copyright © 2009 Hendrik Böttger /


Just about every runner in Slovenia appears to be on the streets of Ljubljana for the annual Ljubljanski maraton.

Held over a weekend in late October, the event has grown considerably over the years and now attracts a crowd of well over 20,000 athletes of all ages—an enormous number for a city of about 290,000 residents.

The children's races and the fun run take place on Saturday, followed by the 10k race starting on Sunday morning at 8.30am and the half marathon and the marathon at 10.30am.

All race courses are AIMS/IAAF-certified and mainly-flat single-loop routes that begin and end in the city centre.

The 10k takes the runners to the northern part of Ljubljana.

Participants in the half marathon run through the northern and western portions of the city.

The marathon route also visits southern and eastern districts, with the final stretch of the route running through Ljubljana's very beautiful historic city core.

The routes of the half and the full marathon split shortly before the 21km mark.


Update 2021:

In 2021, the event was held on the old 21.1km loop course which was used up until 2013. The route ran through the districts of Bežigrad and Šiška and around the wooded Rožnik hill. The full marathon was two laps of this course.

The 10k race was started at 9am, the half and the full marathon at 9.15am.

The time limit to finish the marathon was six hours.

The route for the 2022 Ljubljana Marathon will be published on the official event website (see link below).


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  • 23 October 2022 (Sunday)

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