International Showshoe Race — European Snowshoe Championships

Padola (Italy) — New date: Saturday 25 February 2017

Ciasp DoloMitica - a snowshoe race in the Dolomites in Italy (Photo by courtesy of Gianluigi Topran d’Agata, Associazione SOL OMNIBUS LUCET)


Held in the village of Padola, which is situated at an elevation of about 1,200 metres in the Val Comelico in the Dolomites in northern Italy (close to the border with Austria), the Ciasp DoloMitica is a marvellous winter sports event for runners and walkers of all abilities.

There is only one condition: You must run or walk with snowshoes (Italian: racchette da neve, ciaspole or simply ciaspe).

You can use your own snowshoes or you can rent a pair for €5.

The event begins with two escursioni con le ciaspole (guided snowshoe excursions; on Friday and on Saturday at 9am) which offer you the opportunity to get used to walking with snowshoes and to enjoy the breathtakingly-beautiful scenery of the Eastern Dolomites.

Then, on Sunday, you have the choice between several races, all starting at 10.30am:

Camminata con le ciaspole 7,5km o 10km:
This is an event for fun runners and hikers. Two routes are available, 7.5km and 10km.
Corsa internazionale con le ciaspole 10km:
The International Showshoe Race incorporates the European Snowshoe Championships 2017. The race is open to all runners. You don't need to provide a medical certificate to take part in the race or in the championships. Last year, the winners were Giorgio Dell'Osta (38min 56sec) and Monica Penzo (51min 30sec). It is not allowed to use hiking poles in this race.
Corsa internazionale con le ciaspole 5km junior:
This 5km race is open to runners born 1997 or later. It features the European Snowshoe Championships 2017 for young athletes.
Corsa o camminata con le ciaspole 16km:
The 16km race is for teams of two runners or walkers (male, female and mixed pairs).


Ciasp DoloMitica - snowshoe walkers in the Dolomites in Italy (Photo by courtesy of Gianluigi Topran d’Agata, Associazione SOL OMNIBUS LUCET)


In case you can't make it to the Ciasp DoloMitica this year, you may want to think about travelling to Padola for the TrailDoloMitica, a trail running event that is held annually in late summer (26 August 2017).


Race information: Ciasp DoloMitica 2017

Country: Italy

Venue (Map): Padola (Udine 116km, Bolzano 130km, Venice 157km, Innsbruck 163km)


  • 22 January 2017 (Sunday)
  • new date: 5 February 2017 (Sunday)
  • new date: 25 February 2017 (Saturday)

Start time:

  • 9.00: guided excursion
  • 18.30: 7.5km, 10km, 16km

Race office: on the day from 14.00

Entries: online or by fax or e-mail (up to 22 February 2017); late entries on the day (until 10.00) if the entry limit has not been reached

Entry fees (guided excursion):

  • € 8

Entry fees (7.5km/10km run and walk):

  • € 14 (up to 22 February 2017)
  • € 17 (up to 25 February 2017)

Entry fees (5km junior race):

  • € 16 (up to 22 February 2017)
  • € 19 (up to 25 February 2017)

Entry fees (10km race):

  • € 30 (up to 22 February 2017)
  • € 35 (up to 25 February 2017)

Entry fees (16km pair run and walk):

  • € 30 per team (up to 22 February 2017)
  • € 35 per team (up to 25 February 2017)

Timekeeping: chip timing (included in the entry fees)

You get: a souvenir gift (gloves and a hat), refreshments on the course, supervised bag storage, entry into the post-race prize drawing; a European Championship medal (10km race)

Snowshoe rental (optional): € 5

CiaspMenù (optional): Participants can make a reservation for a meal after the race (€ 10 for advance bookings, € 15 on the day).


  • to the first 20 men and 20 women in the 10km race
  • to the first 3 male/female/mixed pairs in the 16km race
  • to the largest groups

Award ceremony and prize drawing: at 19.30

Number of finishers 2016: 93 (10km run/walk), 45 (10km race), 13 pairs (16km)

Official race information in English: CiaspDolimitica - English

Event website:



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