Sappada (Italy), Sunday 10 July 2011

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This mountain running event in northern Italy comprises two immensely scenic, spectacular and tough races, the 32km Peralba Sky-Marathon and the 22km Peralba Mini-Skyrace.

The start and finish are at 1,230 metres above sea level in the very pretty village of Sappada, which is situated in a valley close to the border with Austria. Sappada is a 'language island' where most inhabitants speak a German dialect. It's a popular holiday destination all year round.

Both routes are single loops through the Carnic Alps. The 32km Sky-Marathon is a gruelling race as it features about 3,000 metres of climbing and an equal amount of descent. The ascent to the highest point on the course, Monte Peralba (2,694m), is exceptionally steep. The 22km race is a gentler version with 1,500 metres of elevation change.

Competitors run or hike (with or without trekking poles) through some exceptional countryside that includes flowery meadows, moorland, woods, alpine lakes, waterfalls and stunning rock formations. The route is very well marked and there are lots of helpers and medical staff on the course.

Last year's 32K winners were Matteo Piller Hofer (4:02:02) and Francesca Domini (5:27:03).


Peralba Skyrace, Sappada (Copyright © 2010 Hendrik Böttger /


Race report and photos:


Country: Italy

Venue (Map): Sappada (95km from Udine, 164km from Venice, 171km from Klagenfurt, 208km from Ljubljana)

Date: 10 July 2011 (Sunday)

Race distance: 22km (+1480m/-1480m); 32km (+3062m/-3062m)

Start time: 8.30

Start and finish: Sappada

Entries: by fax; payment by bank transfer; entries close 9 July 2011 at 12.00 noon; entry limit 500 runners; entrants to the Sky-Marathon must provide a medical certificate at registration

Entry fees: 30 euros (22km), 35 euros (32km)

Race centre: Borgata Fontana (9 July 2011 16.00-19.00); at the start (on the day until 7.30)

You get: a present; pasta party after the race

Prizes: to the first 10 M/F and to the largest group

Showers and changing facilities: Campo sportivo di Sappada

Award ceremony: 15.30 at the finish

Number of finishers 2010: 107 (22km); 58 (32km)

Event website (in Italian): (out of date)


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Peralba Sky Marathon, Sappada (Copyright © 2010 Hendrik Böttger /