Trieste (Italy), Sunday 11 March 2012

Kokos Trail 2012, Trieste, Italy - Paola Romanin (Copyright © 2012


Gabriele Abate and Daniela Da Forno — two of Italy's best long-distance trail runners — are the winners of the first edition of the Kokos Trail race, which was held on 11 March 2012 on the Karst Plateau above the port of Trieste in the north-east of Italy.

Mr Abate covered the very challenging 13km course through woods and grassland in a time of 58min 17sec, beating Rwanda's Jean Baptiste Simukeka by a mere second.

Experienced masters athlete Daniela Da Forno completed a dominant performance to win the women's race in a time of 1hr 15min 54sec. Saša Rot of Slovenia, a triathlete and newcomer in the running scene (and 18 years younger than the winner), surprised a strong field of trail and sky runners to finish on second place.

More than 350 runners took part in the race, which featured over 600 metres of climbing (and the same of descent), partly on very technical terrain. Starting and finishing at the football pitch of the village of Basovizza, competitors ran a scenic loop on trails and dirt roads, with a few short sections on asphalt.

The event turned out to be very well organized. The entry fees were low (10 euros), plenty of fine food was available before and after the race, and at the finish all runners received a pair of fresh socks, which were very welcome after the run.


Kokos Trail 2012 - Danijela Černić of Croatia (Copyright © 2012

Runners from six (or more) countries took part in the race. This is Croatia's Danijela Černić.


Kokos Trail 2012 - Monte Cocusso, Trieste, Italy (Copyright © 2012

The highest point on the course was on Monte Cocusso (Slovenian: Kokoš) on the border with Slovenia.


Kokos Trail 2012 - railway tunnel Kokos Trail 2012 - Val Rosandra (Copyright © 2012 runinternation)(Copyright © 2012

From the course, there were marvellous views of the Val Rosandra.


Kokos Trail 2012 - on the disused railway track in the Val Rosandra (Copyright © 2012

Part of the race was run on a disused railway track ...


Kokos Trail 2012 - on the disused railway track in the Val Rosandra (Copyright © 2012 runinternational)

... which leads from the port of Trieste up to the Karst Plateau.

Kokos Trail 2012 - railway tunnel (Copyright © 2012

Hurrah! A tunnel!


Kokos Trail 2012, Val Rosandra, Trieste, Italy (Copyright © 2012

Some climbs were steep ...


Kokos Trail 2012, Val Kokos Trail 2012, Val Rosandra, Trieste, Italy (Copyright © 2012

... and long ...


Kokos Trail 2012, Trieste, Italy (Copyright © 2012

... but it was well worth the effort!


Kokos Trail 2012, on Monte Cocusso/Kokoš (Copyright © 2012

After reaching the summit of Kokoš ...


Kokoš Trail 2012  photographer (Copyright © 2012

Runners flew downhill to the finish.


Results - 1. Kokos Trail 2012

Men: 288 finishers

1. Gabriele Abate ITA 0:58:17
2. Jean Baptiste Simukeka RWA 0:58:18
3. Paolo Gallo ITA 0:59:34
4. Gašper Bregar SLO 1:00:18
5. Andrea Wruss ITA 1:01:35


Women: 66 finishers

1. Daniela Da Forno ITA 1:15:54
2. Saša Rot SLO 1:16:39
3. Maria Dimitra Theocharis ITA 1:17:42
4. Valentina Bonanni ITA 1:18:29
5. Anna Finizio ITA 1:18:39


Full results


Kokos Trail 2012 - the top 5 women (Copyright © 2012

These are the top 5 women (from right to left).


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Map: Basovizza (Trieste)


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