Zagreb (Croatia), Sunday 13 November 2011

Polumaraton Ivan Starek 2011 - leading group at the 4km mark (Copyright © 2011


Croatia's Zoran Žilić and Slovenia's Daneja Grandovec are the winners of this year's 25th Polumaraton "Ivan Starek" which was held on Sunday at Lake Jarun in Croatia's capital Zagreb.

Almost 300 runners completed the three-lap course around the artificial lake, which is situated in the south-western part of Zagreb, on the left bank of the River Sava.

The event is popular for its pleasant setting and the completely flat and fast course.

Many runners set a personal half marathon record, despite very low temperatures at the start of the race, and fog as thick as pea soup lingering over the lake. Half an hour into the race, however, skies brightened up and temperatures rose quickly.

Both Žilić and Grandovec decided the race on the third and final lap, against tough competition from Hungarian and Croatian athletes.

Zoran Žilić, currently Croatia's best half marathon runner, beat Hungary's elite runners László Tóth and Tamás Oláh.

Daneja Grandovec, four-times Slovenian marathon champion, claimed victory over Réka Bátai of Hungary and Croatia's top marathon runner Marija Vrajić.


Results - 25. Polumaraton Ivan Starek 2011

Men: 230 finishers

1. Zoran Žilić CRO 1:11:47
2. László Tóth HUN 1:12:18
3. Tamás Olah HUN 1:12:34


Women: 58 finishers

1. Daneja Grandovec SLO 1:18:54
2. Réka Bátai HUN 1:19:16
3. Marija Vrajić CRO 1:20:20


Polumaraton Ivan Starek 2011: Daneja Grandovec (Copyright © 2011

Daneja Grandovec of Slovenia on her way to victory at Lake Jarun.


Polumaraton Starek 2011: winner Zoran Žilić (Copyright © 2011

Zoran Žilić of Croatia - the strongest and fastest of all finishers.


Polumaraton Starek 2011 - along the Sava dike (Copyright © 2011

The first part of each lap is run along the dike of the River Sava, ...


Polumaraton Starek - at the 20km mark (Copyright © 2011

... the second part along the 2km-long rowing regatta course.


Polumaraton Starek 2011 - Coach Dragan Janković makes the pace (Copyright © 2011

Running coach Dragan Janković (left) set the pace for a group of runners to finish in 1hr 53min.


Polumaraton Starek 2011 - Dijana Kesonja (Copyright © 2011

Some athletes decided to run on the pavement, others on the road.


Polumaraton Starek 2011: Martina Bezek (Copyright © 2011

In Croatia, as in most countries, ...


Polumaraton Ivan Starek 2011 - man chases woman (Copyright © 2011

... men are chasing women.


Polumaraton Starek 2011: Hrvoje Habuš (Copyright © 2011

Always in a good mood - Croatia's Hrvoje Habuš. On the left: Réka Bátai of Hungary (2nd place women).


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