Lake Bled (Slovenia), Saturday 9 July 2011

Nočna 10ka Bled, a 10K road running race in Slovenia (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /


On a hot summer night in the Alps, around 2,000 runners converged at the picturesque Lake Bled for the fifth annual running of the Nočna 10ka, a hugely popular 10K night race in Slovenia.

Lake Bled is one of Slovenia's top tourist destinations, and therefore the entry limit of 2,011 runners had been reached well before the closing date.

Starting at 10pm, participants ran one and a half laps on undulating roads around the lake. Many runners ran with head lamps as the course was poorly lit.

Competition was strong, with Peter Kastelic (28) winning the men's race in a time of 31 minutes 33 seconds, just four seconds ahead of 21-year-old Jan Breznik.

Last year's winner Boštjan Hrovat (33) had taken the early lead but at the end he had to be content with fourth place.

On the women's side, Slovenia's ultra marathon runner Neža Mravlje (32) secured victory in a time of 36 minutes 43 seconds.


Results Nočna 10ka Bled 2011

Men: 1014 finishers

1. Peter Kastelic SLO 0:31:33
2. Jan Breznik SLO 0:31:37
3. Blaž Grad SLO 0:32:36
4. Boštjan Hrovat SLO 0:32:59
5. Janez Mulej SLO 0:33:14


Women: 889 finishers

1. Neža Mravlje SLO 0:36:43
2. Žana Jereb SLO 0:39:11
3. Tina Čačilo SLO 0:40:20
4. Metka Bulc SLO 0:41:02
5. Erika Melihen SLO 0:41:09


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Tina Čačilo, 3rd place Nočna 10ka 2011 (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Tina Čačilo, 3rd woman


Peter Kastelic and Jan Breznik, Nočna 10ka 2011 (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Race winner Peter Kastelic (left) and runner-up Jan Breznik (right).


Boštjan Hrovat, 4th place Nočna 10ka 2011 (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Boštjan Hrovat, 4th place


Polona Krutil, Nočna 10ka Bled 2011 (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Around 900 women took part in the race.


Nočna 10ka, in the town centre of Bled (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Participants ran twice through the town centre of Bled.


Nočna 10ka Bled, kremšnite (Photo: Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger /

Kremšnita cakes to all finishers!


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