7. Balaton maraton és félmaraton 2010

Siófok (Hungary), 20+21 November 2010

Siófok, Lake Balaton, Hungary (Copyright © 2011 runinternational.eu)


Is it easier to run a 42-kilometre marathon non-stop or split in three stages? Find out yourself at Lake Balaton in Hungary, 79 kilometres long and Central Europe's largest lake.

The event is held on the 20th and 21st of November 2010 and offers the following distances:

Saturday,  10.30:  14.07km   (2 laps)
Saturday,  15.30: 7.03km   (1 lap)
 11.00: 21.1km   (2 laps)


You can take part in only one of the races or combine them in different ways. You could, for instance, run a half marathon in two stages (14+7km) or a marathon in three stages (14+7+21km).

The setting for the event is very nice as the route runs along the lakeside promenade and the tree-lined avenues of Siófok, Balaton's largest and most lively resort.

In November, the weather may be cold and windy, or foggy, or even snowy, but it doesn't really matter as there will be loads of runners, and it's always nice at Lake Balaton anyway.

The route is traffic-free and completely flat and fast, but running on the concrete promenade might prove to be demanding.

In 2009, the marathon winners were Pál Ilisz (2:25:36) and Adél Rácz (2:59:32).


Country: Hungary

Venue (Map): Siófok (Budapest 103km, Varaždin 176km, Maribor 232km, Vienna 236km)

Date: 20+21 November 2010 (Saturday+Sunday)

Distance: 7.03km, 14.07km, 21.1km; 10.55km (one lap of the half marathon course); pair races

Start and finish: Hotel Aranypart, Beszédes József sétány, Siófok

Entries: online (until 18 Nov) or by post (until 12 Nov); payment by credit card; late entries on the day

Entry fees (14km)*: 5000/6000/7500/9000 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/18 Nov/20 Nov)

Entry fees (7km)*: 2000/2200/2500 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/20 Nov)

Entry fees (21km)*: 5500/6500/8000/9500 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/18 Nov/21 Nov)

Entry fees (14+7=21km)*: 5500/6500/8000/9500 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/18 Nov/20 Nov)

Entry fees (14+7+21=42km)*: 8000/9500/115000 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/20 Nov)

Entry fees (10.55km)*: 4500/5500/7000/8500 HUF (until 24 Oct/14 Nov/18 Nov/21 Nov)

*Timing: ChampionChip deposit fee: 1000 HUF; you get 500 HUF off the entry fees if you use your own chip!

<Exchange rate: 1000 HUF = ca. 3.60 EUR (August 2010)>

Race centre: "Steak House", Petőfi sétány, 400m from the start (Saturday 8.30-10.15 and 13.30-15.15; Sunday 8.30-10.45)

You get: goody bag, timing chip rental

Prizes (21km/42km): first 3 M/F

Showers, changing facilities, baggage storage: Hotel Aranypart

Award ceremony: Sunday 13.45

Number of finishers 2009: (?); 2008: 1024 (21km) + 395 (42km)

Event website (in Hungarian): www.futanet.hu


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