Lake Balaton Supermarathon

The expanse of the country may have contributed to the fact that ultra running is so popular in Hungary. The Hungarian race calendar includes a large number of ultra running events. Accordingly, the country has produced several world class ultra runners.

In Central Europe, many races travel around lakes. The difference with this one is that Lake Balaton is 79km long and the largest lake in Central and Western Europe, and it takes 194.5km to run on the cycle path around it. To extend the pleasure this supermarathon is split in 4 stages:

  • 19 March (Thursday): Siófok - Fonyód: 46.8km
  • 20 March (Friday): Fonyód - Szigliget: 52.9km
  • 21 March (Saturday): Badacsony - Balatonfüred: 43.1km
  • 22 March (Sunday): Balatonfüred - Siófok: 51.7km

You can choose to run all four stages

  • as an individual
  • as a relay in pairs (each stage is split in two sections)
  • as a relay in teams of three or four runners (each stage is split in three sections) or
  • join the supermarathon runners on the third stage on Saturday to run an ultra race of 43.6km ("Marathon+")

For details including maps, photos, videos and information on accommodation please visit:

  • (in English) or
  • (in Hungarian)


Map of the venue: Siófok


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