21-24 March 2024

The cycleway near Balatongyörök on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary (Photo: Copyright © 2020 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


The Balaton Szupermaraton (Lake Balaton Supermarathon) is a four-day ultramarathon running event held annually in March at the largest lake in Hungary and Central Europe, the 77km-long Balaton.

Starting and finishing in the resort of Siófok on the southern shore of the lake, the Supermarathon is one lap around the lake. The course is a 196km loop, split in four stages. The route follows cycle paths and minor roads. Some portions of the course are completely flat, others are rather hilly.

The event offers several race options:

  • Balaton Szupermaraton (196.45km):
    • Run all four stages (48.45km+53.2km+43.6km+51.2km).
  • FélBalaton Szupermaraton (94.8km):
    • Run stage 3 and stage 4 (43.6km+51.2km).
  • Balaton Szupermaraton Maraton+:
    • Run one of the four stages.
  • MaratonFüred (42.2km):
    • Run a marathon on Saturday, from Badacsonytomaj to Balatonfüred.
  • Öböl Félmaraton (21.1km):
    • Run a half marathon on Friday, from Keszthely to Szigliget.

Both the four-day and the two-day races are open to individual runners and relay teams of two, three or four runners. Each stage is split in three legs.

The Maraton+ races are open to individual runners and relay teams of two or three runners.


Map of the venue:


14th Lake Balaton Supermarathon:


  • 21-24 March 2024 (Thursday-Sunday)

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Lake Balaton Supermaraton, Hungary - runners on the cycleway in Keszthely (Photo: Copyright © 2020 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


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