14. Ratitovec Mountain Race

Železniki (Slovenia), Sunday 14 June 2009

Tek na Ratitovec, Slovenia - a mountain runner approaches the finish at the Krekova koča hut (Copyright © 2017 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


This mountain race with an elevation gain of 1,184 metres for men and 872 metres for women offers the opportunity to run against Slovenia's best mountain runners. The race to the top of Mount Ratitovec (1,642m) will be Slovenia's selection race for this year's European Mountain Running Championships.

The men will start their 12.1km ascent in the small old iron-working town of Železniki, at an elevation of 450 metres. The women and the juniors will follow the same route but they will start higher up on the course and run shorter distances. The children's races will be held in Železniki.

From the start in Železniki, the first two kilometres of the course will be on asphalt roads but then you will run on dirt roads, forest trails and mountain paths. From the top of Mount Ratitovec you will enjoy splendid views of the Slovene Alps.

You need to be very well prepared to tackle such a difficult mountain race. Therefore, you may want to decide to form a relay team of three runners. The first runner can continue the climb to the top of the mountain, but only if he's a man.

The course records are held by Mateja Kosovelj (48:48) and her brother Mitja (1:03:02).


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Železniki (Škofja Loka 15km, Kranj 26km, Ljubljana 38km, Klagenfurt 71km)

Date: 14 June 2009 (Sunday)

Start time: 10.15

Start time (children's races): 11.15

Finish: at the Krekova koča mountain hut (1,642m) on Mount Ratitovec

Race distance, start area:

  • Men (aged 21 or over): 12.1km (+1,184m); start in Železniki
  • Women (aged 21 or over): 7.3km (+872m); start in Podlonk
  • Male juniors (aged 17 to 20): 7.3km (+872m); start in Podlonk
  • Female juniors (aged 17 to 20): 3.8km (+629m); start in Prtovč
  • Children (aged 9 to 16): 0.7-3.1km (laps, up and down)

Entries: on the day from 8.00 to 9.30 in the sports hall in Železniki (children from 8.00 to 10.00)

Entry fees: € 12; children € 5; relay teams € 30

You get: a souvenir gift, transport of personal clothing to the finish, a meal in the Lušina restaurant

Prizes: to the first 10 men and 6 women, medals to the first 3 in each category and to the first 3 in each relay category

Award ceremony: at 13.30 at the restaurant Lušina in Cešnjica (Železniki)

Number of finishers 2008: 161 (74 men, 17 women, 19 juniors, 51 children)

Details (in Slovene) and course profile: 14.Gorski tek na Ratitovec (out of date)


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