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Tek na Ratitovec, Slovenia - a mountain race from the town of Železniki to the Krekova koča mountain hut (Copyright © 2017 Hendrik Böttger /


The Tek na Ratitovec is a mountain running event in Slovenia. It is held annually in the Škofjeloško hribovje (Škofja Loka Hills) which are located between the Julian Alps and Ljubljana, the capital.

The event offers these races:

  • Medvedkov tek:
    • 500m kids run
  • Ratitovec Junior:
    • 1km up and down (+50m of ascent, -50m of descent)
    • 1.5km up and down (+74m of ascent, -74m of descent)
    • 2.5km up and down (+150m of ascent, -150m of descent)
  • Ratitovec Panoramski tek:
    • 6.7km uphill (+630m of ascent)
  • Ratitovec Klasik:
    • 10.8km uphill (+1,184m of ascent)
  • Ratitovec Trail:
    • 27km up and down (+1,400m of ascent, -1,400m of descent)

The 10.8km route takes the runners from the Športni park Dašnica in the small town of Železniki (452m) to the Krekova koča mountain hut (1,636m) which sits on the ridge of the Ratitovec massif.

The 6.7km route begins higher up in the hamlet of Prtovč (1,006m) and ends, like the 10.8km race, at the mountain hut on Ratitovec.

The kids' races are loop courses starting and finishing at the sports park in Železniki.

The 27km race features a very demanding up-and-down loop course. The highest point is at the Krekova koča mountain hut.

In 2018, the event hosted the World Masters Mountain Running Championships (WMMRC).


Map of the venue:


28. Tek na Ratitovec:


  • 1 June 2024 (Saturday)

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  3.9km 6.7km 10.8km 27km
2023 -- 25 47 18
2022 -- 39 80 --
2021 5 -- 80 --
2020 -- -- -- --
2019 24 -- 120 --


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