San Odorico al Tagliamento (Italy), Sunday 30 September 2018

Corse in Grave - a non-competitive FIASP running and hiking event in the village of San Odorico al Tagliamento, Friuli, Italy (Photo: Copyright © 2018 Hendrik Böttger /


General information and map of the venue:


Corse in Grave, San Odorico al Tagliamento, Italy - runners in the woods near the Tagliamento river (Photo: Copyright © 2018 Hendrik Böttger /


Event details:


  • 30 September 2018 (Sunday)


  • Italy


  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia


  • Udine


  • San Odorico al Tagliamento (Comune di Flaibano)

Start/finish area:

  • Centro Vacanze di Sant' Odorico di Flaibano


  • 7km
  • 14km
  • 21km

Start time:

  • from 8.30 until 9.00


  • in person in the start area (on the day 8.00-9.00)

Entry fees:

  • €3
  • €2.50 for FIASP members

Entry fees + pasta meal after the run:

  • €5
  • €4.50 for FIASP members


  • No. This is a non-competitive fun running and walking event without timekeeping or results lists!

You get:

  • snacks and drinks on the course and at the finish

Number of participants 2018:

  • 771


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