Celje - Logarska dolina (Slovenia), Saturday 3 September 2016

Savinjska dolina (Savinja Valley), Slovenia - Copyright © 2016 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu


The Maraton Logarska dolina offers four very scenic point-to-point races:

Race distance Start time
Start Finish Number of finishers 2015
73km 6.00 Celje Logarska dolina 153
9.00 Mozirje 58
10.30 Ljubno 84
11.30 Luče 282


All four races take the runners along the beautiful Savinjska dolina (Savinja Valley).

The 73km ultra marathon begins in Celje, Slovenia's third-largest town, located on the railway line between the cities of Ljubljana and Maribor.

With 3km to go to the finish, the route turns left into the Logarska dolina (Logar Valley), a picture-postcard glacial valley in the majestic Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe (Kamnik-Savinja Alps)

The course is undulating and overall uphill. The ultra marathon features approximately 2,300 metres of ascent and 1,750 metres of descent!

The race is run mainly on roads which are open to the public, so runners need to be aware of traffic. Parts of the course are on trails.

Last year, the ultra marathon was won by Gábor Muhari of Hungary in a time of 5 hours 14 minutes 7 seconds. Slovenia's Neža Mravlje, the fastest woman, finished in 5 hours 33 minutes 19 seconds. The time limit to complete the course is twelve hours.


Maraton Logarska dolina - The route in the Savinjska dolina (Copyright © 2016 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Celje - Mozirje - Ljubno - Luče - Logarska dolina

Date: 3 September 2016 (Saturday)

Race distance: 73km, 42km (42.070km), 27km (26.974km), 17km (16.922km)

Start (73km): at 6.00 in Celje (on Trg celjskih knezov)

Start (42km): at 9.00 in Mozirje (at the flower park ‘Mozirski gaj’)

Start (27km): at 10.30 in Ljubno

Start (17km): at 11.30 in Luče

Finish (all races): at the ‘Penzion Na Razpotju’ in the Logarska dolina ("Logar Valley")

Participants in the 73km ultra marathon can drop out of the race (with timekeeping) in Mozirje (31km) or in Luče (56km).

Race centre:

  • Taborniško društvo Celje, Gledališka ulica 2, Celje (Friday 14.00-21.00, on the day 4.30-5.45)
  • in the start areas in Mozirje, Ljubno and Luče (on the day, one hour before the start)

Entries: online (up to 29 August 2016, 9am); late entries on the day (up to one hour before the start)

Entry fees (73km): €35 (up to 29 August 2016), €40 (on 3 September 2016)

Entry fees (42km): €30 (up to 29 August 2016), €35 (on 3 September 2016)

Entry fees (27km, 17km): €25 (up to 29 August 2016), €30 (on 3 September 2016)

You get: T-shirt, bus service from Celje to the start areas (at 7am), chip timing, transport of personal clothing to the finish, 15 feed stations along the course, massage service on the course and at the finish, finisher medal, lunch after the race, bus service from Logarska dolina to Celje (after the race)

Prizes (73km): to the first 6 men and 3 women; to the first 3 in each age group

Prizes (42km, 27km, 17km): to the first 3 men and women

Award ceremony: at 16.00 in the finish area

Number of finishers 2015: 153 (75km), 11 (58km), 58 (42km), 4 (33km), 84 (27km), 282 (17km)

Event website: www.drustvo-maratoncev-celje.si


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