Břeclav (Czech Republic), Saturday 11 April 2015

Běh kolem Dyje, Břeclav, Czech Republic - the start/finish area (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


The Běh kolem Dyje offers a 5k race and a number of races—between 100m and 1500m long—for young athletes.

The event takes place in the town of Břeclav which sits on the Dyje (Thaya River) in the South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic, just a few kilometres from the borders with Austria and Slovakia.

Břeclav is a major rail junction between the cities of Brno, Bratislava and Vienna. It's an old town with an industrial character, home to many sports facilities, and surrounded by beautiful countryside and numerous magnificent cultural monuments.

Participants in the 5k race run three laps of a flat course along both banks of the Dyje, starting and finishing at the former sugar refinery north of the town centre.


Běh kolem Dyje, Břeclav, Czech Republic - course photo (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


Country: Czech Republic

Venue (Map): Břeclav (Brno 60km, Bratislava 80km, Vienna 80km)

Date: 11 April 2015 (Saturday)

Race distance: 100m-200m-500m-1000m-1500m (children's races); 5km

Start time: 9.30-11.20 (children's races), 11.30 (5km)

Start and finish: parkoviště u Racia (car park at the RACIO company), Národních hrdinů

Race centre: in the start area (on the day from 8.30)

Entries: online; late entries on the day

Entry fees (children's races): no entry fees

Entry fees (5km): 50 CZK (ca. 2 EUR)

Showers and changing facilities: in the sports hall of TJ Lokomotiva Břeclav

Event website: atletikabv.cz


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Sculpture in the town centre of Břeclav, Czech Republic (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)

A sculpture in the town centre of Břeclav