Puchberg am Schneeberg (Austria), Saturday 27 September 2014

Schneeberg, Austria (Photo: Author: Schletz at German Wikipedia / Public Domain / image modified by runinternational.eu))


The Schneeberglauf is an uphill mountain race in Austria. Participants run 10km of a multi-terrain course which includes 1200m of ascent.

The race begins in Puchberg am Schneeberg, a health resort in the state of Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) which surrounds Vienna.

Participants compete against the Schneebergbahn, a historic steam train that runs up and down the Schneeberg (2076m), Austria's easternmost mountain over 2000m high (pictured).

The finish line is at an elevation of 1800m at the summit station of the Schneebergbahn.

Around 300 mountain runners took part in the event last year. The fastest finishers were Andrzej Długosz of Poland (53:39) and Antonella Confortola Wyatt of Italy (1:06:37). The Schneebergbahn finished 18th (1:08:37).


Country: Austria

Venue (Map): Puchberg am Schneeberg (Vienna 77km, Bratislava 124km, Graz 156km)

Date: 27 September 2014 (Saturday)

Race distance: 10km (+1200m)

Start: at 10.00 at the Schneeberghalle in Puchberg (600m)

Finish: at the railway station on Schneeberg (1800m)

Race centre: Schneeberghalle in Puchberg (on the day 7.00-9.00)

Entries: online; entries close 25 Sep 2014; no entries on the day

Entry fees: € 25 (up to 31 Aug 2014), € 35 (up to 26 Sep 2014)

Timekeeping: HTT chip timing — rent a chip for € 3 (€ 5 deposit) or buy a chip (€ 20)

You get: transport of personal clothing to the finish area; feed stations on the course and at the finish; finisher fleece blanket; free transport with the Schneebergbahn from the finish area back to the start area

Prizes: to the first 3 M/F and to the winners of each category

Award ceremony: at 15.00 in the Schneeberghalle in Puchberg

Number of finishers 2013: 298

Event website: www.schneeberglauf.at


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