Dolsko (Slovenia), Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas lights in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Copyright © 2014 Hendrik Böttger / Run International EU)


Held annually on Slovenia's Independence and Unity Day on 26 December, this Novoletni tek (New Year's Run) attracts around 250 runners to the village of Dolsko which is situated in the Sava River Valley near the city of Ljubljana.

The event offers three road races (4.5km, 10.5km, and 14.5km) and two shorter races for children (300m and 500m).

The 4.5km race is a relatively flat out-and-back run in the valley whereas the 10.5km and 14.5km routes include about 150m of ascent (and 150m of descent).

The 10.5km race begins at the 4km mark of the 14.5km race.


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Dolsko (Ljubljana 15km, Trieste 120km, Maribor 124km, Zagreb 146km)

Date: 26 December 2014 (Friday; Independence and Unity Day; public holiday in Slovenia)

Race distance: 300m-500 (children); 4.5km; 10.5km; 14.5km

Start time: 10.30 (children's races); 11.00 (14.5km); 11.05 (4.5km); 11.15 (10.5km)

Start and finish: at the Kulturni dom in Dolsko

Race centre: Kulturni dom, Dolsko

Entries: on the day of the event (9.00-10.45)

Entry fees: € 13 (€ 2 of each entry fee will go to a good cause)

You get: a souvenir gift; tea and a meal after the race; child care during the race

Showers and changing facilities: yes

Award ceremony: 13.45-14.15

Number of finishers 2014: 39 (children's races), 14 (4.5km), 96 (10.5km), 91 (14.5km)

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