Monday 26 December 2022

Dolsko, Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia (Author: Ziga / / public domain / photo cropped by


The Novoletni tek Dolsko ("New Year's Run Dolsko") is a road running event held yearly on 26 December in the municipality of Dol pri Ljubljani in Slovenia.

The start/finish area is at the Kulturni dom (Cultural Centre) in the village of Dolsko which is situated approximately fifteen kilometres from the city centre of Ljubljana.

Five races for runners of all ages are available, drawing around 300 participants each year:

  • 300m (children)
  • 500m (children)
  • 4.5km
  • 10.5km
  • 14.5km

The 4.5k race is a relatively flat out-and-back run in the Sava valley whereas the 10.5k and 14.5k routes include approximately 150 metres of ascent.

The 10.5k race begins at the 4k mark of the 14.5k race (ca. 450 metres from the start/finish area).


Map of the venue:


33. Novoletni tek Dolsko:


  • 26 December 2022 (Monday)

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