21st "International Hagemann Run" 2012

Petrijanec (Croatia), Sunday 8 July 2012

Trka Hagemann - children's race (Copyright © 2012 runinternational.eu)


With less than 100 participants (not counting the popular children's races), the Trka Hagemann is a small road running event, held in a small village in the far north of Croatia. Nevertheless, over the past 20 years runners from many European countries have taken part in the race.

It's a lovely summer evening event, organized by marathon maniac Anna Hagemann, who grew up in the village but now lives in Hamburg. The villagers support the event with loads of home-made cakes and other culinary delights for the after-race buffet.

Entrants can choose between the 2.75km run (one lap) and the 11km race (four laps).

The route is a flat loop around the hamlet of Družbinec, located in the municipality of Petrijanec, close to the border with Slovenia and just about 10 kilometres from the picturesque baroque town of Varaždin.


Race report: Trka Hagemann 2009

Interview: Anna Hagemann


Trka Hagemann - the start (Copyright © 2012 runinternational.eu)

Trka Hagemann - start of the 11km race


Country: Croatia

Venue (Map): Petrijanec (11km from Varaždin, 60km from Maribor, 98km from Zagreb, 135km from Graz, 164km from Ljubljana)

Date: 8 July 2012 (Sunday)

Race distance: 11km; 2.75km; children 50m-400m

Start time: 17.00 (children), 18.00 (11km; 2.75km)

Start and finish: at the fire station (vatrogasni dom) in Družbinec

Entries: on the day at the start (from 15.00 until 15 minutes before the start)

Entry fees (11km, 2.75km): 60 HRK (ca. 8 EUR)

Entry fees (children): 25 HRK (ca. 3.35 EUR)

You get: a souvenir gift, cake buffet after the race, entry into the post-race prize drawing

Children get: finisher T-shirt and medal

Prizes: first 3 M/F

Number of finishers 2011: 59 (11km), 18 (2.75km)

Event details (in Croatian): www.marathon95.hr


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Anna Hagemann, organizer of the 'Trka Hagemann' (Copyright © 2012 runinternational.eu)

Anna Hagemann - organizer of the "Trka Hagemann"