18th Olympic Marathon and Half Marathon Relay 2011

Budapest (Hungary), Sunday 15 May 2011

Runners at the Parliament building, Budapest (Copyright © 2011 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)


Starting and finishing at the magnificent Hungarian Parliament Building, situated on the River Danube in Budapest, this is an immensely popular and atmospheric running event. Last year, there were more than 2800 participants.

The event offers a 6-person marathon relay (6x7km), a 3-person half marathon relay (3x7km), a 3-person minimarathon relay (3x2.1km), and a half marathon for individual runners.

The course is very flat and great for a relay competition as it gives plenty of opportunity to support the teammates. Most of the route runs out and back along the Danube, northwards and southwards from the Parliament. From the course, there are fine views of Margaret Island in the River Danube, as well as of the magnificent Chain Bridge, with Castle Hill as a backdrop.

In 2010, the fastest male marathon team completed the course in 2:18:28, the top female team finished in 3:01:00.


Country: Hungary

Venue (Map): Budapest (Bratislava 200km, Vienna 245km, Zagreb 350km, Ljubljana 466km)

Date: 15 May 2011 (Sunday)

Race distance: 42.2km relay (6x7km); 21.1km relay (3x7km); 6.3km relay (3x2.1km); 21.1km (individual runners)

Start time: 9.30 (6.3km); 11.00 (21km, 42km)

Start and finish: Kossuth tér (Kossuth Square)

Entries: online, by post (until 6 May 2011), or in person (until 12 May 2011); late entries on the day until 30 minutes before the start

Entry fees (21km/42km relay): 2100/3100/3400/5000 HUF* per person (until 13 March/8 May/12 May/15 May 2011)

Entry fees (6.3km relay): 1200/1900/2500 HUF* per person (until 13 March/8 May/15 May 2011)

Entry fees (21km): 3000/4000/5000/5500 HUF* per person (until 13 March/17 April/8 May/15 May 2011)

*Exchange rate: 1000 HUF = ca. 3.65 EUR (March 2011)

Race centre: Kossuth tér (Kossuth Square), METESZ Székház (METESZ Building) (on the day from 8.00 until 30 minutes before the start)

You get: goodie bag

Prizes (42km relay): first 3 teams in each category

Prizes (21km relay, 6.3km relay): first 3 male and female teams

Prizes (21km): first 3 M/F

Changing facilities, baggage storage: in tents in Kozma utca (Kozma Street)

Number of finishers 2010: 372 teams (42km), 258 teams (21km), 183 teams (6.3km), 191 individuals (21km)

Event website (in Hungarian): www.futanet.hu


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