4th Lake Velence Supermarathon 2011

Velence (Hungary), 28 August 2011

Velencei-tó, Hungary (Copyright © 2011 runinternational.eu)


Participants in the Velencei-tó Szupermaraton in Hungary run either one lap (27km) or two laps (54km) around Lake Velence (Hungarian: Velencei-tó), situated about halfway between Budapest and Lake Balaton.

The route runs on footpaths and roads which are flat along the southern shore and undulating in the northern part.

Lake Velence is 11km long, up to 3.5km wide, and very shallow. As the water warms up quickly in the summer it's a popular place for swimming and water sports.

Approximately one third of the lake is covered with reed, and at the western end there's a protected bird reserve.

In 2010, the 54km Supermarathon winners were István Pető (4:03:55) and Veronika Görög (4:26:37).


Country: Hungary

Venue (Map): Velence (Budapest 45km, Bratislava 200km, Vienna 245km, Maribor 295km)

Date: 28 August 2011 (Sunday)

Race distance: 27km; 54km; 54km relay (3 runners); 3km and 1km fun run

Start time: 8.00 (54km), 9.00 (27km)

Start and finish: Velencei Vízi Vár (VVV), Északi Strand (Velence Water Castle, North Beach)

Entries: online; late entries on the day

Entry fees: 4000/4800/5800 HUF* (until 15 July/31 July/28 Aug 2011)

Entry fees (relay teams): 9000/10500/13500 HUF*

Entry fees (1km, 3km): 300 HUF*

*Exchange rate: 1000 HUF = ca. 3.75 EUR (July 2011)

Race centre: at the start (27 Aug 15.00-21.00; on the day until 30 minutes before the start)

You get: medal, free entry to the beach, a meal after the race (?)

Showers and changing facilities: yes

Prizes: (?)

Award ceremony: 16.00

Number of finishers 2010: 121 (27km), 43 (54km), 10 relay teams

Event website: www.velenceitomaraton.hu


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