Bagod (Hungary), Sunday 16 October 2011

Szaggasd az aszfaltot 2011, Bagod, Hungary (Copyright © 2011


Szaggasd az aszfaltot! ("Grind the asphalt!") was the motto of the event, and a record 240 runners from four countries followed this call and came to the village of Bagod to grind the asphalt of the long-distance bike path that runs through Zala County in western Hungary.

The Zalai futóparty ("Zala Running Festival") offers a 3km run (the most popular distance this year), a 10km race, and a half marathon. Children run 500 metres. All routes are out and back.

Bagod is the wrong place for elite athletes who are looking for a big prize fund but those who are interested in running a lovely route through rural Hungary, meeting local runners (many of whom speak English or German), and trying original Hungarian goulash after the race will love the event.

Furthermore, it´s possible to set a personal record in the race. The course is flat and fast, accurately measured, and completely traffic-free.

The most remarkable feature of the Zalai futóparty, however, may be the high percentage of women. This year, over 40 per cent of the runners were ladies - much more than in most other running events!


Zala Running Festival, Bagod, Hungary (Copyright © 2011

Participants ran out and back on a beautiful bike path.


Results - 4. szaggasd az aszfaltot! 2011

21.1km men: 37 finishers

1. András Kasza 1:19:08
2. Roland Lakatos 1:20:59
3. Árpád Garami 1:21:11


21.1km women: 19 finishers

1. Andrea Sifterné Doszpot 1:36:22
2. Ágnes Hadnagy 1:38:13
3. Anett Köncsöl 1:41:32


10km men: 29 finishers

1. Gábor Zoltán Fábrics 0:36:36
2. Bence Bicsák 0.36:51
3. Tamás Kolonics 0:37:06


10km women: 18 finishers

1. Flóra Bicsák 0:44:36
2. Viktória Szabóné Virág 0:51:04
3. Csilla Márta Molnar 0:51:12


Event details (Run International Race Preview)


Many women took part in the Zala Running Festival 2011 (Copyright © 2011

There were many women in the race.


Szaggasd az aszfaltot 2011, village life (Copyright © 2011

The weather was beautiful - crisp but sunny.


Szaggasd az aszfaltot, 21km leaders (Copyright © 2011

These are the half marathon leaders on their way to the finish in Bagod.


Roland Lakatos, Szaggasd az aszfaltot, Bagod, Hungary (Copyright © 2011

After an impressive second half, Roland Lakatos took second place in the half marathon.


Edit Bérces, Szaggasd az aszfaltot 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Edit Bérces, multiple ultra running world champion, at the 10K aid station.


Andrea Sifterné Doszpot, Szaggasd az aszfaltot 2011 (Copyright © 2009-2011

Andrea Sifterné Doszpot enjoyed the race and won the half marathon.


Anett Köncsöl, 3rd place in the Szaggasd az aszfaltot Half Marathon 2011 (Copyright © 2011

Anett Köncsöl finished third in her first ever half marathon.


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