Zagreb (Croatia), Sunday 25 September 2011

4 zagrebačka trga, 5km race Zagreb, at the theatre (Copyright © 2011


On a very warm Sunday in late September, two weeks before the Zagreb Marathon, about 260 runners completed the 4 zagrebačka trga (‘Four Squares’), a 5K race in Croatia's capital city.

Children and teenagers ran distances between 200 and 1,200 metres.

The event, which does not charge any entry fees, may have had more participants if race details had been available earlier than seven days before the event.

Starting and finishing in Zrinjevac, a lovely little public park in the city centre, competitors ran two loops around the squares, museums, theatres and cafés of Donji grad, Zagreb's ‘Lower Town’.

The route was completely closed to traffic but almost a third of the course was run alongside traffic, and there were no kilometre markers. The first 100 finishers were awarded T-shirts, and there was plenty of tea for all participants.


Results 4 zagrebačka trga 2011:

Men 5km: 199 finishers

1. Marko Valičević Croatia 0:16:30
2. Josip Dragun Croatia 0:16:31
3. Stefan Oprina Romania 0:16:32


Women 5km: 60 finishers

1. Ingrid Nikolesić Croatia 0:18:08
2. Daria Pletikapa Croatia 0:18:17
3. Ivana Lukina Croatia 0:19:33


Full results


4 zagrebačka trga 2011, children's race (Copyright © 2011

Many adults mixed into the children's races.


4 zagrebačka trga 2011, children 1200m (Copyright © 2011

Teenagers ran 1,200 metres.


4 zagrebačka trga, 5km race Zagreb, towards Ban Jelačić Square (Copyright © 2011

These are the 5K runners on their way to Zagreb's main square, Trg bana Jelačića.


4 zagrebačka trga, muzej za umjetnost i obrt (Copyright © 2011

Participants passed the Museum of Arts and Crafts, ...


4 zagrebačka trga, 5km race Zagreb, Croatian National Theatre (Copyright © 2011

... the Croatian National Theatre, ...


Četiri zagrebačka trga, a 5km run in the city centre of Zagreb (Copyright © 2011

... and many pavement cafés.


4 zagrebačka trga, spectator (Copyright © 2011

There were also a few spectators on the course.


4 zagrebačka trga 2011, Josip Đunđek, the oldest competitor (Copyright © 2011

Josip Đunđek was the oldest competitor in the field. He is 87 years old!


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