30th St Martin's Race

Izola (Slovenia), Sunday 7 November 2010

Martinov tek, Izola, Slovenia (Photo: Copyright © 2008 Hendrik Böttger / runinternational.eu)

This year, participants run the other direction.


Held every year around St Martin's Day (November 11), which marks the day when grape juice turns to wine, this friendly event invites runners to spend a nice day out on the Slovenian coast.

The start and the finish are on the grassy San Simon Beach near the old fishing town of Izola.

The new route, which is around 11 kilometers long, is one hilly and scenic loop around Izola.

Participants run on mixed terrain along footpaths and roads, up some stairs, through a disused railway tunnel, past a fish factory, around the old town, and finally home along the promenade, passing the old port and the modern marina.

After the race, runners get a meal and the opportunity to sample fresh local wine. But remember, drinking the young wine is considered as sinful before it is baptised on St Martin's Day!

In 2009, on a shorter course, the winners were Peter Oblak and 14-year-old Ana Vrečar .


Race report and photos: 30. Martinov tek Izola 2010


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Izola (Koper 9km, Trieste 29km, Ljubljana 111km)

Date: 7 November 2010 (Sunday)

Distance: 10.9km; ca. 1km (children with special needs); guided walking tour (ca. 6km)

Start time: 11.00; guided walk 10.30

Start and finish: Plaža San Simon ("San Simon Beach"), Simonov zaliv ("Simon's Bay")

Entries: on the day at the start (8.00-10.30; walkers 8.00-10.00)

Entry fees: 10 EUR

You get: a present, a meal, tea, wine

Prizes: (?)

Award ceremony: 14.00

Number of finishers 2009: 238

Event details (in Slovene): www.cksp-izola.si/sport (out of date)


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