Preview: 12th 'Visoko Race' 2010

Visoko pri Poljanah (Slovenia), Saturday 29 May 2010

The Poljane Valley at Visoko pri Poljanah, Slovenia (Photo © 2010 Hendrik Böttger /


This beautiful 9.7km multi-terrain race travels along the narrow Poljane Valley in Slovenia, about 30 kilometres from the capital Ljubljana, and 10 kilometres from the picturesque town of Škofja Loka.

The start and the finish are in Visoko pri Poljanah (Visoko near Poljane), a delightful little hamlet with a castle and a large manor house.

The race runs out-and-back the green valley, mostly on trails and dirt roads. Approximately 2 kilometres are on asphalt roads. The route is undulating with a short stiff climb at halfway mark.

You run through fields, woods, and two pretty villages. Before you finish, you run a loop around a huge kozolec, a wooden hay rack for drying and storing hay and grain - a prominent feature in the Slovene landscape.

In 2009, the winners were Tone Kosmač (31:38) and Petra Race (38:11).


Visovški tek - one of the children's races (Photo:


Country: Slovenia

Venue (Map): Visoko pri Poljanah (Škofja Loka 10km, Ljubljana 32km)

Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)

Race distance: 9.7km; children 350/700/1250/2500m

Start time: 10.00-10.30 (children); 10.30 (9.7km)

Start and finish: Dvorec Visoko (Visoko Castle)

Entries: on the day until 9.45

Entry fees: 10 EUR; children 5 EUR

You get: T-Shirt, a warm meal and drinks after the race

Prizes: practical prizes to the first 3 M/F; medals to the first 3 in each category

Showers and changing facilities: no

Presentation: 12.00

Number of finishers 2009: 144 (9.7km), 72 children

Event website (in Slovene):


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Visovški tek - Visoko Race, Slovenia (Photo: