Half marathon ‘Europe Day 2009’

On the 9th of May 1950 — just five years after the end of World War II — the French foreign minister Robert Schuman read a declaration to the international press calling for a European Institution to manage the coal and steel industry. The first move had been made towards the creation of the European Union.

Since 1985, the 9th of May has been celebrated in the member states as 'Europe Day' with various activities and festivities. Croatia is on track to join the EU in the foreseeable future and will celebrate the occasion with a new half marathon in the capital Zagreb, to be held on 9 May 2009.

There will be no entry fees and every runner will get a T-Shirt and a medal. Nevertheless, the race will be mainly of interest to those who can win some prize money. On the event website, we learn all about the prize fund but get no information on the route (which many of us may find important as the race will be held in a big city). It's just known that the race centre will be in Bundek park, that there will be drink stations every 7km (which is certainly not enough) and that the start will be at 1.30pm (which is definitely a better time for a nap than for competitive long distance running).

In case you are not running for prize money it may be worth considering to take part in the supporting 3k run and enjoy a nice day out in the park.


Map of the venue:



  • Croatia


  • Park Bundek, Zagreb


  • Saturday 9 May 2009

Race distance:

  • 21.1km polumaraton (half marathon)

Event website (in Croatian, English and German):

  • www.marathon2006.hr (out of date)