Saturday 19 June 2021

gm4o Alpine Marathon, Slovenia - course photo (Photo: Copyright © 2010 Hendrik Böttger /


The Podbrdo Trail Running Festival takes place annually in June in the village of Podbrdo which sits in a beautiful remote location in the narrow Baška grapa valley on the edge of the Julian Alps in Slovenia.

The event offers several highly-challenging trail races:

  • 0.5km-1.2km-1.7km-4.7km (Mini): children's races
  • 12km (Graparski Trimček): mountain race with 800m of ascent and 800m of descent
  • 27km (Gorski Maraton Štirih Občin, GM4O 27km): mountain race with 1,800m of ascent and 1,900m of descent
  • 42km (Gorski Maraton Štirih Občin, GM4O 42km): mountain marathon with 3,100m of ascent and 3,300m of descent
  • 78km (Ultra-Trail Pušeljc, UTP 78km): ultra trail race with 4,800m of ascent and 4,800m of descent
  • 103km (Ultra-Trail Pušeljc, UTP 103km): ultra trail race with 6,600m of ascent and 6,600m of descent

Podbrdo is located at an elevation of 520 metres. The highest point on the marathon and ultra trail course is at 1,760 metres above sea level on the Čez suho saddle:


gm4o Alpine Marathon, Slovenia - the Čez suho saddle (Photo: Copyright © 2010 Hendrik Böttger /


Map of the venue:


Podbrdo Trail Running Festival 2021:


  • 19 June 2021 (Saturday)

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