Friday 9 October 2020

Tacen Whitewater Course at the foot of Šmarna gora, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger /


The Rekord Šmarne gore is a mountain running race in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana.

It features a short but highly demanding uphill course.

The route is just 1.85 kilometres long but it includes 360 metres of elevation gain!

Starting in Tacen in the north-western part of Ljubljana, competitors run on steep forest trails to the finish line at the monastery that stands on top of Šmarna gora (669m), Slovenia's most popular hiking destination.

World-class mountain runners hold the course records: Petro Mamu of Eritrea (11 minutes 8 seconds) and Mateja Kosovelj of Slovenia (13 minutes 18 seconds).


Map of the venue (start area):


Number of finishers:

  • 2020: 76 men and 20 women
  • 2019: 100 men and 33 women
  • 2018: 98 men and 28 women
  • 2017: 86 men and 22 women
  • 2016: 45 men and 11 women


25. Rekord Šmarne gore:


  • Friday 9 October 2020 (postponed from 9 June 2020)

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