Saturday 21 August 2021

Čachtice Castle (Čachtický hrad), Slovakia -- Photo: Copyright © 2020 Hendrik Böttger /


The Čachtický polmaratón (Čachtice Half Marathon) is a road running event held in the Malé Karpaty (Little Carpathians) in western Slovakia.

The race is open to individual runners and to relay teams of four.

Starting in the village of Čachtice, the route is an undulating, scenic, certified, U-shaped out-and-back course around a wooded hill crowned by the ruins of a spine-chilling castle, Čachtický hrad (Čachtice Castle), former residence of ‘Blood Countess’ Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614), one of the world's most notorious serial killers.

The route runs, mainly on asphalt roads (with a bit of gravel in between), through woods and two villages, Višňové and Hrachovište.


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Number of finishers:

  • 2021: 158 runners and 11 relay teams
  • 2020: 198 runners and 11 relay teams
  • 2019: 224 runners and 13 relay teams


32. Čachtický polmaratón:


  • 21 August 2021 (Saturday)

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