Saturday 14 September 2019

dm ženský beh, Bratislava, Slovakia (Photo: Copyright © 2018 Hendrik Böttger /


Slovakia's biggest women's run, the dm ženský beh, takes place each September in the city centre of Bratislava.

The event offers two races, a 4k starting at 2pm and a 10k starting at 4pm.

Both races take the lady runners along both banks of the Danube and across two imposing bridges, starting and ending at the Eurovea business and retail centre which is situated on the left bank of the river, approximately one kilometre east of Bratislava's beautiful Old Town.


dm ženský beh 2012 - Participants run across Most SNP in Bratislava (Copyright © 2012 Hendrik Böttger /


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  • 14 September 2019 (Saturday)

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