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Jenesien (San Genesio), South Tyrol, Italy (Author: Mai-Sachme / / CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication / photo modified by


The Soltn Berghalbmarathon (Italian: Maratonina del Salto) is a multi-terrain running event held each September on the beautiful Salten plateau near the city of Bozen (Bolzano) in South Tyrol, Italy's northernmost province where the majority of the residents speak German as a first language.

The half marathon race begins and ends at an elevation of 1,226 metres at the riding arena that is situated about one kilometre up the road from the village of Jenesien (San Genesio, pictured).

Be prepared for a challenge. The course features 520 metres of ascent. The route runs, mainly on trails, through lovely woods and mountain pastures. Only the first two kilometres are run on asphalt roads.

In addition to the half marathon, the event offers a 10k race (‘Soltnrun’) with 140 metres of ascent.

For both races it is necessary to provide a valid medical certificate for athletics at registration.

You don't need such a certificate for the non-competitive 10k fun run (‘Just for fun’).


Map of the venue:


23. Soltn Berghalbmarathon:


  • 22 September 2024 (Sunday)

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  21.1km 10km race
10km Just for fun
2023 134 48 38
2022 95 71 33
2021 89 45 22
2020 --- --- ---
2019 170 54 27
2018 175 52 24


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