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Lago di Caldaro / Kalterer See, Italy (Author: Plentn / / public domain / photo modified by


The Mezza Maratona del Lago di Caldaro (German: Kalterer See Halbmarathon) is a road running event held annually in the spring in the alpine province of South Tyrol in the far north of Italy where native speakers of Italian and German live side by side.

Two race distances are available:

  • 10.55km: corsa panoramica (Panoramalauf)
  • 21.1km: mezza maratona (Halbmarathon)

The 10.55km run is one lap and the half marathon is two laps around the 1.8km-long Lago di Caldaro (Kalterer See), one of the warmest lakes in the Alps and a prime swimming spot in the summer, located about four kilometers from the small town of Caldaro (Kaltern) and 18 kilometres from the city of Bolzano (Bozen).

Starting at the restaurant Gretl am See on the western shore of the lake, the race route is undulating and very appealing as it runs all the way through orchards and vineyards and lovely scenery.


Map of the venue:


15. Kalterer See Halbmarathon:


  • 27 March 2022 (Sunday)

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  • 2022:
    • 10.5km: 183
    • 21.1km: 416
  • 2021:
    • Event cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • 2020:
    • Event cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • 2019:
    • 10.5km: 394
    • 21.1km: 718



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