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The Castello in Schio, Italy (Author: Semolo75 / / public domain / photo cropped by


The Maratona dei 6 Comuni (M6C) takes runners through sei comuni (six municipalities) in the Province of Vicenza in northern Italy.

Five point-to-point road races are available:

Race distance Venue
  Zanè Malo Thiene Villaverla
42k start finish
start relay exchange zone finish
32k start finish  
21k   start finish
10k     start finish


Pre-race bus transportation from Villaverla to the starting areas is provided.

All routes are closed to traffic during the race. The course is mostly flat.

The 42k marathon route runs from Zanè to Villaverla.

The 32k+10k is a relay race for teams of two runners. The first team member runs from Zanè to Thiene, the second from Thiene to Villaverla

Participants in the 32k race run the first 32 kilometres of the marathon course to finish the race in Thiene. From there, they travel by bus to Villaverla.

The route of the mezza maratona (half marathon) coincides with the second half of the marathon.

The 10k follows the last 10 kilometres of the marathon course.

Both the 10k and the half marathon course have been certified by FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation.

Entrants to all races must be in possession of a medical certificate for athletics.


Map of the venue:

Zanè (blue), Malo (yellow), Thiene (green), Villaverla (red)


16. Mezza Maraton dei 6 Comuni:


  • 22 September 2024 (Sunday)

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  10k 21k 30k 42k
2023 274 261 119 27
2022 268 305 126 ---
2021 --- 397 --- ---
2020 --- --- --- ---
2019 246 354 133 ---


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