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Marcia dei Tre Laghi, Selz di Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy (Copyright © 2018 Hendrik Böttger /


The Marcia dei Tre Laghi is a long-standing non-competitive running and hiking event that attracts, if the weather is fine, a crowd of around 2,000 or more participants.

Held in the wooded hills of the carso (Karst) in the Italy-Slovenia border region, the event offers three very scenic multi-terrain routes: 5km, 11km and 18km.

The start/finish area is in the village of Selz which is located in the municipality of Ronchi dei Legionari in the Province of Gorizia, near the shipbuilding town of Monfalcone in the Gulf of Trieste.

The route visits not only tre laghi (three lakes) but also the well-restored World War One trenches of the Parco Tematico della Grande Guerra (Great War Open Museum).


Lago di Doberdo, near Ronchi dei Legionari, Italy (Copyright © 2013 Hendrik Böttger /


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  • 17 May 2020 (Sunday)



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