Sunday 28 August 2022

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The Maddalene 50k e 30k is a trail running event for experienced and super-fit mountain runners, held in the Province of Trento (or ‘Trentino’) in the far north of Italy.

Two race distances are availble:

  • Maddalene 30K: 33 kilometres with 2,300 metres of ascent
  • Maddalene 50K: 55 kilometres with 3,500 metres of ascent

Starting and finishing at an elevation of about 1,000 metres in the municipality of Rumo, both routes are highly-scenic loop courses through the Maddalene, a group of mountains on the eastern edge of the Ortler Alps.

The highest point on the 30K course is on the summit of Monte Pin (2,420m).

The 50K race takes the runners up to the top of Monte Zoccolo (2,560m).

Entrants must provide a valid medical certificate at registration.


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3. Maddalene 50k e 30k:


  • 28 August 2022 (Sunday)

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