The Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Parliament Building on the River Danube, Budapest, Hungary (Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger /


The Tudás Útja félmaraton ("Way of Knowledge Half Marathon") is a road running event in Budapest, capital of Hungary.

In addition to the 21.1km half marathon, the event offers a 6km run ("Academic 6").

Starting and ending at the high-rise 'Theoretical Building’ (pictured below) of the prestigious Semmelweis University, Hungary's oldest medical school, which also offers courses in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the half marathon route passes several universities, colleges and academies on both sides of the River Danube.

It also visits some of Budapest's best sights, for instance the Hungarian Parliament Building (the largest building in the country) and the magnificent Széchenyi Chain Bridge.

The Academic 6 is a point-to-point race from the Semmelweis University to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (pictured above).

Both routes are mostly flat and fast.

The fifteenth edition of the race took place on 8 November 2015, with 336 finishers in the half marathon and 221 finishers in the 6km run.

As far as we know, the event has not been held since then.

(Last update: 1 September 2022)


Semmelweis University, Theoretical Building, Nagyvárad tér 4, Budapest, Hungary (Copyright © 2022 Hendrik Böttger /


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