Saturday 16 September 2023

The route of the Határfutás (Polumaraton Barcs-Virovitica) crosses this bridge across the Drava river (Photo: Copyright © 2022 Hendrik Böttger /


This international half marathon road race features a point-to-point course across the Hungary-Croatia border.

In Hungary, the event is called Határfutás (‘Border Run’).

In Croatia, it is known as Polumaraton Barcs-Virovitica (‘Half Marathon Barcs-Virovitica’).

The route connects the twin towns of Barcs in Hungary and Virovitica in Croatia.

The direction of the route alternates each year.

The course is a flat run through fields and villages and across the Drava river. The border between Hungary and Croatia is on the bridge pictured above.

In addition to the half marathon, the event includes a 5.8km run.


Map of the venue:


31. Határfutás:


  • 16 September 2023 (Saturday)


  • 21.1km: at 14.00 at Barcsi Gyógyfürdő és Rekreációs Központ, Barcs, Hungary
  • 5.8km: at 14.30 in Kapela Dvor, Croatia


  • Veleučilište (University of Applied Sciences), Virovitica, Croatia

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  5.8km 21.1km
2022 ? ?
2021 --- ---
2020 --- ---
2019 78 46
2018 52 59


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