Saturday 30 May 2020

Balatonfüred, Hungary (Photo: Copyright © 2019 Hendrik Böttger /


Csillagfényes Füred ('Starlit Füred') is a night running event held in the elegant resort of Balatonfüred on the northern shore of Balaton, the biggest lake in Hungary and also in Central Europe.

The event offers races for all levels runners:

  • 700m gyermek verseny (kids' run)
  • 1.4km gyermek verseny (kids' run)
  • 5.27km nyolcadmaraton (eighth marathon)
  • 10.55km negyedmaraton (quarter marathon)
  • 21.1km félmaraton (half marathon)

A new route will be introduced in 2020. Details will be published on the official event website.


Map of the venue:


Number of finishers 2018:

  • 5.27km: 190
  • 10.5km: 223
  • 21.1km: 121


Csillagfényes Füred 2020:


  • 30 May 2020 (Saturday)

Event website:


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