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Hévízi Futófesztivál: Runners pass the Dotto Train at the thermal lake of Hévíz in Hungary (Copyright © 2019 Hendrik Böttger /


Participating in the Hévízi Futófesztivál (Hévíz Running Festival) gives runners a great excuse to treat themselves to a weekend stay in Hévíz, Hungary's best-known spa town.

Home to Europe's largest thermal lake, an elegant spa park and many beautiful trees, Hévíz attracts international visitors all year round, and on the streets you may hear as many people speaking German or Slavic languages as Hungarian.

The Futófesztivál, however, attracts mainly Hungarian runners.

Held since 2016, the event offers:

  • 250m-500m-1km gyermek versenyek (children's races)
  • 7km
  • 14km
  • 14km váltó (2x7km relay for teams of two runners)
  • 21km félmaraton (half marathon)
  • 21km váltó (3x7km relay for teams of three runners)

The route is a challenging 7km loop. The difference between the lowest and the highest point on the course is approximately 45 metres.

Starting on Nagyparkoló (‘big car park’) in the town centre, competitors run through residential areas and through the forest that surrounds the lake.

This photo shows the course in Egregy in the northern part of town, a popular destination for its lovely vineyards and wine taverns:



In the past, the start/finish area was in the pedestrianized town centre:



Map of the venue:


6. Hévízi Futófesztivál:


  • 26 May 2024 (Sunday)

Start time:

  • 16.00: 7km, 14km, 21km

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  7km 14km 21km 2x7km relay 3x7km relay
2023 91 43 34 7 teams 11 teams
2022 -- -- -- -- --
2021 -- -- -- -- --
2020 -- -- -- -- --
2019 161 51 37 9 teams 14 teams


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