Sunday 12 September 2021

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The Internationales Airport Race in Hamburg gives runners the opportunity to race over the classic distance of 10 miles (16.09 kilometres).

The race is one loop around the Hamburg Airport (German: Flughafen Hamburg), one of Germany's busiest international airports, situated in the Fuhlsbüttel quarter in the northern part of the city.

Starting on the athletics track of the Lufthansa Sportverein, the route passes residential and green areas as well as passenger terminals and other monstrous airport buildings.

Approximately ten kilometres of the course are run on asphalt and six kilometres on gravel.

The event also features a 5k run and two races for children.


Map of the venue:


Number of finishers:

  • 2020 (Covid-19 edition):
    • 5km: 213
    • 15.3km: 1,052
  • 2019:
    • 400m: 187
    • 1.6km: 304
    • 5km: 342
    • 16.1km: 1,763
  • 2018:
    • 400m: 170
    • 1.6km: 276
    • 5km: 238
    • 16.1km: 1,650


38. Airport Race:


  • 12 September 2021 (Sunday)

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