Saturday 17 September 2022

Talsperre Sosa, Sachsen, Germany (Author: Acf at German Wikipedia / public domain / photo cropped by


This running and mountain biking event is held yearly on the third Saturday in September in the German part of the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains), a mountain range that is shared by two countries: Germany and the Czech Republic.

It offers three challenging multi-terrain races for runners ...

  • 8km (8.345km)
  • Halbmarathon (20.905km)
  • Marathon (42.195km)

... and three for cyclists ...

  • 30km (31.6km)
  • 50km (50.82km)
  • 100km (96.5km)

The start and the finish are on the Sportplatz (athletics track) in the small town of Eibenstock which is situated at an elevation of about 650 metres, approximately 33 kilometres from the city of Zwickau and 11 kilometres from the border with Czechia.

The marathon takes the runners across drei Talsperren (three dams): Eibenstock, Carlsfeld and Sosa.


Map of the venue:


27. Drei-Talsperren-Marathon:


  • 17 September 2022 (Saturday)

Race distance:

  • Lauf (run): ca. 8km, 21km, 42km
  • Rad (bike): ca. 30km, 50km, 100km

Event website:


Number of finishers:

  • 2021:
    • runners: 436
    • mountain bikers: 517
  • 2020:
    • runners: 802
    • mountain bikers: 656
  • 2019:
    • runners: 427
    • mountain bikers: 643
  • 2018:
    • runners: 428
    • mountain bikers: 704


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