Sunday 6 February 2022 - Cancelled!

Johannesbad, Bad Füssing, Germany (Fotograf: Günter Standl / Author: Vergenter at de.wikipedia / public domain / photo cropped by


The Johannesbad Thermen-Marathon is a winter road running event held annually in February at one of the largest thermal spas in Europe, the Johannesbad in the village of Bad Füssing which is situated in in a low-lying agricultural region in the state of Bayern (Bavaria) on the south-eastern edge of Germany, just three and a half kilometres from the nearest border crossing with Austria.

Four races are on offer:

  • 1.8km Schülerlauf (children's race)
  • 10km-Lauf (10k race)
  • 21.1km Halbmarathon (half marathon)
  • 42.2km Marathon

All routes are predominantly flat and fast. The difference between the lowest and the highest point on the course is about twelve metres.

Participants in the 10k race run one loop around the village of Egglfing.

The half marathon consists of two different loops—the 10k loop around Egglfing and an 11.1k loop around Bad Füssing.

The marathon is two laps of the half marathon course. The time limit to finish the race is five hours.

Free access to the thermal pools of the Johannesbad is included in the entry fees.


Map of the venue:


Johannesbad Thermen-Marathon 2022:


  • 6 February 2022 (Sunday) - Event cancelled!

Event website:


Number of finishers

  • 2021:
    • Event cancelled
  • 2020:
    • 1.8km: 116
    • 10km: 485
    • 21.1km: 574
    • 42.2km: 248
  • 2019:
    • 1.8km: 257
    • 10km: 666
    • 21.1km: 738
    • 42.2km: 234
  • 2018:
    • 1.8km: 215
    • 10km: 770
    • 21.1km: 830
    • 42.2km: 306


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