Wednesday 13 July 2022

Tuchlovická halda, Czechia (Author: Kriplozoik / / public domain / image modified by


The Běžecký závod Halda (‘Running event Halda’) is a hill running event held every year since 2015 in the Kladenský uhelný revír (Kladno coalfield) in Czechia.

The route is 5.5 kilometres long. It features 96 metres of elevation gain.

Starting in the village of Tuchlovice, which is approximately 35 kilometres west of Praha (Prague), competitors run on mixed terrain to the top of the tuchlovická halda, a spoil tip of the former důl Tuchlovice coal mine.

Since the mine was closed, the waste dump has been recultivated. It offers fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


Map of the venue:


8. Běžecký závod Halda:


  • 13 July 2022 (Wednesday)

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Number of finishers:

  • 2021: 136
  • 2020: 145
  • 2019: 137
  • 2018: 103
  • 2017: 98
  • 2016: 82
  • 2015: 60



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