Sunday 4 August 2024

Hruboskalské skalní město, Český ráj, Czech Republic (Author: AK09 / / Public Domain / image cropped by


The Maraton Českým rájem (Bohemian Paradise Marathon) is held each year in the summer in the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise), a stunningly-beautiful protected landscape area in the Czech Republic.

The start and the finish are in the village of Prachov, which is approximately 90 kilometres north-east of Praha (Prague).

There is no point in trying to set a personal marathon record in this event. The route is hilly and a bit longer than the classic marathon distance of 42.195km.

Instead of running hard, participants are well advised to enjoy the scenic run on mixed terrain (mainly on asphalt) through lovely rural areas, dense forests and pretty villages.

The route also passes many impressive sights such as the Gothic Valdštejn castle, the spectacular ruined castle of Trosky or the bizarre ‘rock city’ of Hruboskalsko (pictured).

Since 2022, the event also offers a půlmaraton (half marathon).


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14. Maraton Českým rájem:


  • 4 August 2024 (Sunday)

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Number of finishers:

  maraton půlmaraton
2023 ? ?
2022 43 28
2021 51 --
2020 59 --
2019 81 --
2018 59 --
2017 48 --
2016 64 --


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