Saturday 12 June 2021 - Cancelled!

Forest in the Ore Mountains (Czech: Krušné hory; German: Erzgebirge) in the Czech Republic - Copyright © 2015 Hendrik Böttger /


The Jirkovský Crossmarathon is staged in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains (Czech: Krušné hory; German: Erzgebirge), a mountain range that stretches along the border between the Czech Republic and Germany.

Two race distances are available. The half marathon is reserved for runners whereas the marathon features four categories:

  • běžci (runners)
  • cyclisté (cyclists)
  • koloběžci (kickbike riders)
  • pěší turisté (hikers)

The route runs on asphalt roads, gravel roads and trails through very beautiful scenery: forests, meadows, moorland and small villages.

The start and the finish are at an elevation of about 340 metres in the small town of Jirkov which is situated in a coal mining area at the foot of the mountains.

The highest point on the marathon course is at around 900 metres above sea level.


Map of the venue:


Number of finishers:

  • 2020:
    • Event cancelled
  • 2019:
    • 47 half marathon runners
    • 48 marathon runners
    • 79 cyclists
    • 2 kickbike riders
    • 9 hikers
  • 2018:
    • 30 half marathon runners
    • 55 marathon runners
    • 76 cyclists
    • 5 kickbike riders
    • 4 hikers


Jirkovský Crossmarathon 2021:


  • 12 June 2021 (Saturday) - Cancelled!

Event website:


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