Saturday 24 February 2024

Kostel sv. Jiljí, Moravské Budějovice, Czech Republic (Author: Jan Pešula / / Public Domain)


The Maraton Jana Buly ('Jan Bula Marathon') attracts approximately 150 runners of all ages to the small town of Moravské Budějovice which sits amid the rolling countryside of the Vysočina Region in the southern part of the Czech Republic.

The event offers a 42.195km marathon (eight laps), a 5.275km run (one lap) and children's races.

Starting on Chelčického Street in the northern part of town, the route runs out and back along a gently-undulating country road to the village of Lukov which is situated two and a half kilometres north of Moravské Budějovice. The course is not closed to traffic during the race.

The event commemorates the Roman Catholic priest Jan Bula who was born in 1920 in Lukov. Mr Bula became a victim of persecution by the Czechoslovak communist regime, and in 1952 he was sentenced to death in a show trial and executed.


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Maraton Jana Buly 2024:


  • 24 February 2024 (Saturday)

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  children 5.3km 42.2km
2023 57 33 24
2022 114 49 25



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